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PUDELZ carries a wide variety of accessories for you. From key rings to tote bags and purse mirrors just to mention a few items. Every item features poodle images.

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Poodle Applique Poodle Pouch
This perfectly behaved poodle will look great on lots of things. Applique c . . . We think that you will agree this small, 5" high, pouch is very handy for a . . .
Poodle Picture Frame Poodle Sachet
Sweet Heart Frame
Our Price: $6.00
Linen Sachets
Our Price: $17.00
This cute pink and white striped picture frame would be a perfect addition  . . . If you are a poodle lover and like using sachets in your dresser drawers (o . . .
Tick Key Poodle Glasses
Tick Key
Our Price: $6.00
Paw Print Reading Glasses
Our Price: $20.00
If you live in an area that is plagued with the dreaded Deer Tick you will  . . . A lot of us couldn't get through the day without a pair of reading glasses  . . .
Poodle Belt Poodle Card Case
Poodle Business Card Case
Our Price: $20.00
Our bright red retro poodle print fabric belt is a wonderful accent for any . . . How do you carry your business cards? We would like to suggest this case with charming Black or White poodle. Want to travel light this case can also be used to carry paper money and/or a few credit cards. Please specify your choice of Black Poodle or White Poodle.
Poodle Pill Box Poodle Sign
Poodle Pill Box
Our Price: $15.00
Need a poodley way to carry a few pills? One of our local artists, Tara, has poodleized this handy accessory...

Not just any old Box Sign…. This one is the mantra of all poodle lovers! “All You Need Is Love…AND A POODLE”. The sign measures 6” wide x 2.5” tall x 1.5” deep.

Poodle Keyring Poodle Tote Bag
Poodle Key Ring
Our Price: $15.00
Tara, our local artist has brought us a poodle version of something we all have at least one of a key ring. We think this might be a perfect Stocking Stuffer... The newest tote bag in our collection is a bit jazzy and VERY handy. The black polyester canvas colorblock tote with its zebra stripe top band measures 16” high x 17.25” wide x 3.75” deep. It features a full zip main compartment, extra long webbing handles for easy over-the-shoulder carrying and a front slip pocket with Velcro closure for your tablet. In our opinion the most important feature of this tote is the striking PUDELZ image imprinted in white ink.
Mr & Mrs Poodle Small Bag Mr & Mrs Poodle Oval Bag
Mr & Mrs Poodle Small Bag
Our Price: $11.00
Mr & Mrs Poodle Oval Bag
Our Price: $10.00
This 8” wide x 5.5” high zippered bag will serve perfectly as a Cosmetic Bag or a carry bag for cords & chargers for your electronics.  It is vinyl coated inside & out and best of all are the very cute Apricot Poodles pictured front and back. We are sure you will find many uses for this zippered bag (pens, pencils, those small things that get lost on the bottom of your purse etc). This bag measures 7.5” wide x 3” high and is vinyl coated inside & out and best of all are the very cute Apricot Poodles pictured front and back.
Domed Glass Poodle Keychain FREAKERâ„¢
Our Price: $11.00
Poodle Love is what we call this glass key ring. The poodle image on this lovely key ring shows a poodle with heart. The glass dome measures 1” in diameter and is handmade in the U.S. Our Poodley Freaker™ is a one-size-fits-all knit beverage insulator! This very clever product  keeps your drinks cold or hot, your hands dry, and fits anything you would drink out of. You can also use this poodley item to gift wrap a bottle of olive oil or wine. The materials and all of the labor for this product come from U.S.A.
Very Cute Key Holder / Key Chain
This sweet faux leather Poodle, Dog Bone and Flower Purse Charm combination is not your average Key Ring and will definitely make you and/or your poodle friends smile when you use/gift it. This functional product with its handy clip can be hung inside or outside a purse, tote bag or backpack. The poodle measures 3” Tall x 3.5” Nose to Tail. Brown.