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Thank you for paying a visit to PUDELZ Online Store. If this is your first visit we would like you to know that we at PUDELZ work very hard to find or create an extensive variety of high quality clothing, gifts and accessories with poodle images to tempt poodle lovers all over the world. If you have visited us before please make note of our improved product search features; use the "Search this site box" found in the upper right corner of each page or browse the Product Categories across the top of the site. Click any category to Start Shopping Now!

Poodle Cards Poodle Notecards
Black Poodle with Bouquet
Our Price: $13.00
What a clever black poodle to have delivered this lovely bouquet of colorfu . . . The fourth in this series of notecards created by a verytalented West Coast . . .
Poodle Eyeglass Holder
Poodle Eyeglass Holder
Our Price: $39.00
Just imagine never having to utter the words "Where Did I Put My Glasses"?  . . .
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