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Poodle Ornament Poodle Sign
The first in this series of handmade whimsical poodle ornament . . .

Not just any old Box Sign…. This one is the mantra of all poodle lovers! “All You Need Is Love…AND A POODLE”. The sign measures 6” wide x 2.5” tall x 1.5” deep.

Poodle Pill Box Poodle Card Case
Poodle Pill Box
Our Price: $15.00
Poodle Business Card Case
Our Price: $20.00
Need a poodley way to carry a few pills? One of our local artists, Tara, has poodleized this handy accessory... How do you carry your business cards? We would like to suggest this case with charming Black or White poodle. Want to travel light this case can also be used to carry paper money and/or a few credit cards. Please specify your choice of Black Poodle or White Poodle.
Poodle Book Poodle Belt
Dixie Doodle the Helper Poodle is an attractive picture book about an energetic and sweet-tempered standard poodle. Dixie is a therapy dog who delights in visiting senior centers, and the seniors are equally happy to see her. On this visit, she saves the day with her curiosity and energy. The book is for ages 4-8 years old, and all will enjoy searching for the 15 hidden paw prints. Our bright red retro poodle print fabric belt is a wonderful accent for any . . .
Poodle Sticky Flags Poodle Book
Adhesive Fun Flags
Our Price: $3.25
POODLE - By Eileen Geeson
Our Price: $20.00
These super handy "sticky flags" can be used as bookmarks or placeholders a . . . Written and published in the UK this 147 page book covers all things poodle . . .
Poodle Jewelry Tick Key
Tick Key
Our Price: $6.00
This standing poodle pin with showy attitude is made with Austrian Crystal and your choice of Grey or White Pearl. The pin measures 1.5" high. If you live in an area that is plagued with the dreaded Deer Tick you will  . . .
Poodle Pouch Poodle Socks
Poodle Socks
Our Price: $8.00
We think that you will agree this small, 5" high, pouch is very handy for a . . . Our ever popular Ladies Trouser Socks are now available in 6 colors. Our cu . . .