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We welcome you to PUDELZ an exclusive Collection of Clothing, Gifts and Accessories for Poodle Lovers. The collection was started in 1997 to fill the need for high quality Poodley merchandise that you will be pleased to own and proud to give as gifts. We are all about Poodles and only Poodles and continuously look for new beautiful or clever merchandise so that you will consider us your #1 Stop when shopping for anything Poodley. We are a small privately owned business and we take great pride in taking 1st class care of all of our customers.

First, a little about us. Behind this fun web site is a devout poodle lover and her 3 standard poodle assistants. 12 year old, Jeanna (Unique Skye Daydr
eam Believer), 7 year old Eliza Jane and our newest addition 4 1/2 year old Tucker. PUDELZ is a home based business and so my 3 poodles and I spend a lot of time together (how lucky am I).

A Bit About The Devout Poodle Lover - Ever since I was a kid growing up in NYC and I met a standard poodle for the 1st time I knew one day I would own at least one of these gorgeous creatures. His name was Mike and he was the guard dog for a jewelry store on Madison Avenue, Mike was a big (I was a little kid) black handsome and proud creature whose #1 job was to be Guard Dog and #2 job was to soak up as much sun & admiration while lying across the door INSIDE the shop. He had a great sense of humor and since the shop owner, his mistress, was a good friend of my mother’s Mike and I got to be great friends. In 1989 my dream came true and I bought my first standard and I haven’t been without at least one ever since.

Jeanna – Our 12 year old girl about town, Miss Congeniality, your personal shopper, always ready to go anywhere she gets invited. She was a show dog for a short time until keeping up with her very, very thick coat became a chore for us both. She is now my #1 assistant and part of the trio who follow me whenever I get up out of my chair for any reason. Known by name at the Bank, Post Office and even at the Local Nursing Home where we volunteer once a week(I do rotate who comes each week), she urges me to walk quickly across the parking lot so she won't be late to see her friends who are residents of the dementia unit. The residents are gathered in the common room and she circulates off lead to meet and greet one and all and to share her love, wagging tail and poodle smile.

Eliza Jane – Our 7 year old Black & White Parti-Colored standard adopted from Florida Poodle Rescue. She has blossomed like a beautiful flower since she has become part of the PUDELZ family. She wakes up every morning wagging her tail, gives kisses, grabs a toy and is ready to start the days’ adventures. Her enthusiastic love of life and laid back ability to embrace each new experience with her tail up and wagging makes all around her smile. Her technique during our visits with the residents at the Local Nursing Home is different than Jeanna’s, she will find 1 or 2 residents during our visit to single out and give concentrated quiet attention to them in turn. Eliza is also very enthusiastic about doing errands particularly to the bank and/or the post office where she and Jeanna know exactly where the “special” cookies are kept.

Eliza Jane - Pudelz Customer Service

After learning the ropes Eliza Jane is now PUDELZ Customer Service Manager, ready to help you with any questions you might have about PUDELZ merchandise or your order.

Tucker – Our newest hire, we adopted this very handsome young man from Florida Poodle Rescue. We can enthusiastically say “it’s so nice to have a man around the office/house”. Since he joined us our 4 1/2 year old Tucker has joyfully taken on the responsibilities of head of security & office boy. Always ready to grab a toy and tease his sisters, he subscribes to the theory that all work and no play would make Tucker a dull boy….he is not a dull boy.

Jane and the poodles of PUDELZ