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Poodle Toy Poodle Christmas Book
Poodlena Toy
Our Price: $22.00
Here she is, the namesake character of the very popular Poodlena book by E. . . . Poodles come to Santa's rescue. A wonderful twist on the ever popular T'was . . .
Poodle Doll Poodle Book
Bashful Poodle Plush Doll
Our Price: $22.50
PUDELZ is very pleased to offer this JELLYCAT® 12”high, sugar-pink, floppy earred and cuddley doll. This is NOT your average Poodle Doll.... Dixie Doodle the Helper Poodle is an attractive picture book about an energetic and sweet-tempered standard poodle. Dixie is a therapy dog who delights in visiting senior centers, and the seniors are equally happy to see her. On this visit, she saves the day with her curiosity and energy. The book is for ages 4-8 years old, and all will enjoy searching for the 15 hidden paw prints.
Poodle Book Poodlena Book
Sled Dog Poodles Book
Our Price: $20.00
Our Price: $17.00
Sled Dog Poodles reveals an astounding story of the poodles who ran the Alaska Iditarod, a snowy course of 1,049 miles. It is a splendid adventure .... There is nobody like Poodlelna, this illustrated children’s book that will surely charm kids of all ages. “Wonderfully comic illustrations” and a delightful story combine to make Poodlena a wonderful gift for poodle lovers of all ages.
Poodle Book
Dixie Doodle the Happy Poodle continues the adventures of a lovable standard poodle as she visits an elementary school's Field Day. Dixie happily joins in the contests alongside the children, and helps them meet some challenges along the way.  Finding 14 paw prints hidden throughout the book adds to the reader’s fun.  This picture book is for ages 4 -8.